Hello, I'm Dennis.

Based in Berlin, Germany, I've turned my curiosity for software development into my canvas for creativity. It's where I blend technical skill with imagination to craft something meaningful and empowering.

My focus on developer tooling stems from a simple goal: to make our workdays more efficient and enjoyable. By cutting down on unnecessary tasks, I aim to leave more room for innovation and creativity.

Here's what I've been working on:

Blockstudio - a plugin that helps hundreds of other WordPress developers and users work more efficiently with Gutenberg blocks

Sleek - an interconnected product suite for WordPress

Besides, I am always open for new exciting opportunities: hi@dennn.is

Open source projects

Glaze - Utility-based animation framework for the web

Raum - Online code editor

Ryno Han - 300 day art project using Three.js

spx - Web component library for WordPress

Streamline - Command Center for WordPress